Participation & registration procedures
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Participation & registration procedures

UGS 2016 is open only to professionals . Badges are provided free of charge. People under 16 are not admitted.


How to get your badge:

  • You received an invitation card or e-invitation, provided by Exhibitors or the Organizer: : PRE-REGISTER HERE using the attached code.

  • You did not receive an invitation and you wish to visit the Exhibition: PRE-REGISTER HERE as Visitor.

After registration you will soon receive a login-password enabling you to access your personal section where you can print your e-badge.

It will allow you to get a nominative admission badge at the entrance of the Exhibition, without queuing. Personal identity document will be requested to enter the halls.

French and Foreign Military Personnel and Civil Servants from all Ministries dealing with Defence and Security may obtain a special Visitor badge on site by showing their professional identity card. However, E-badging is recommended

For planning Group Visits, please contact the Visitor Directorate: (by April 2016)

In all cases, online e-badging is recommended. You will save time when in-processing at the Exhibition entrance.