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Services & contacts

The Press Centre

open from Monday 13 to Friday 17 June 2016, from 08.00 to 18.00 hrs, will offer:

  • optimum working conditions for journalists (business center, Internet connection, lounge),

  • opportunities for meetings and exchanges between Journalists and Exhibitors,

  • easy and rapid access to information.


Services provided:

Information about the Exhibition

  • the Press Kit, the Official Catalogue, the Visitors Guide,

  • the Calendar of events: Press conferences, Official visits, Live demonstrations, Conferences & Workshops, etc.


Information from Exhibitors

  • Media Press Racks: all accredited Media have a personal rack, in which Exhibitors may drop material;

  • the Exhibitors Press & Communication Managers Directory (electronic and hard copy versions) in order to provide them with the appropriate contacts;

  • the “New Products and Innovations” book, delivered by the Exhibitors;

  • information tune and location of Exhibitors Press Conference along the week.


Exhibition pictures

  • every day, pictures of the Exhibition and video rushes to be downloaded;
    pictures available also on each computer workstation in the Press Centre.


Communications equipments:

Computers and printers

Internet connection (Wi Fi)

Connection for laptop computers (RJ45) and mobile phone charging stations



A relaxing area with free bar

An attended cloakroom (from 08 to 18 hrs)


The press service

The UGS Press Service is managed by CTER & CO:

Contact : Odile Seiter,
Tél: +33 (0)5 56 00 89 50


Function :

  • will identify and accredit Journalists in charge of the Exhibition: Defence - Security - Industry

  • will provide them with information: Exhibition, Exhibitors

  • will facilitate contacts with Exhibitors: on stands and Press Centre

  • will run the Exhibition Press Service, all along the Exhibition

  • will publish the Exhibitors Press & Communications Managers Directory

  • will design and deliver Press releases and the Eurosatory 2016 Press Kit;

  • will set up the international Press presentation of Live Demonstrations on Sunday, June 12, p.m.

  • will organize the UGS Press Conference, 3 weeks before the Exhibition.


Accreditation is necessary to gain benefit of the Exhibition Press Service.

Once accredited, the Journalist:

  • will receive a Press badge

  • will receive a Press vehicle entry pass (car or motorcycle), on request

  • will gain benefit of all services of the Exhibition Press Centre

  • will have free access to Conferences and Workshopswill benefit from specific Exhibition opening hours: 1 hour before the Visitor opening, 1 hour after