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    aeronewstv is the world’s first general-interest web tv devoted to aviation with daily video reports.
    Launched in 2011, aeronewstv benefits from an international audience. Breaking news are treated  through 23 channels under 5 thematics. One of them is focusing on civil and military drones.
    More than 2 000 video reports are currently online.

    Air&Cosmos - The only BtoB French-language aerospace weekly magazine - has reported world aerospace news since 1963, covering all the latest developments in this industry, its civil and military products, its customers and financial partners.The magazine also features special reports, highlighting one aspect of the industry every week, and publishes a preview and report of all major aerospace shows and conventions.

    Air&Cosmos has an OJD audited circulation of 20,490 copies each week (93% paid, 96% in France), and about 110,000 single visitors each month on its website (source: Google analytics).

    First news website fully dedicated to civil and military drones in France, the news published on are related to these UAV. Find all the events about drones on Drone Actu. New trends about the utilization of drone are not negligible and do not concern only the aerial photography. Monitoring, maintenance, thermography by drone, many sectors are impacted by this new technology. But the image of drones is often associated to illegal flights over sensitive areas as nuclear power plants. For this reason, Drone Actu regularly publishes articles related to the legislation and regulation of drones.


    Property of Drone Actu, is a purchasing guide. Because buying a drone represents a significant investment, Choisir son Drone provides to web users guides and drone comparative that will lead people on the criteria that is important to take into consideration in the choice of these aircraft.
  • Industrie et Technologies

    The “Industrie et Technologies” trademark is synonymous of the innovations applied to industry and the transfer of industrial technologies. It favours and anticipates strategic and technological choices by informing the industrial decision makers
    Circulation : 12 580 ex. (PV OJD 2014)
    Readership :
    85 managers, business leaders and  influential individuals (Premium 2009)

    Le Journal de l’Aviation is the 1st 100% digital aviation online journal. Since 2011, we have been bringing to aviation professionals the latest news in their field from around the world. Our 5 journalists team cover all sectors of the aviation industry thanks to our 5 dedicated sections:
    Transport Aérien (Airlines) / Industrie (Commercial Aircraft) / Défense (Defence) / Carrière (Career) / Espace (Space).
    Le Journal de l’Aviation has an excellent reputation. With over 30 000 articles written, the newspaper is the French language reference for aeronautical news on the Internet.
    Le Journal de l’Aviation’s editorial content is written by professional journalists who follow the profession’s ethical rules to the letter and report on the facts with complete objectivity.
    Le Journal de l’Aviation is a private and independent press activity, owned by Aerocontact Group (Aerocontact TV, Aviaexpo, and Aviation World News).
    Le Journal de l’Aviation is available on tablets and smartphones.

    OPERATIONNELS SLDS (Sustainment, Logistics, Defense, Security): the only bilingual  magazine, websites and social media dedicated to Joint Readiness From Factory to Foxhole. Since 2009, it is a true forum for defense and security decision-makers and players to assess the conditions and ingredients leading to the success of operations and missions on the field.
  • S&D Magazine

    Born 3 years ago, Security & Defense Magazine (S&D Magazine) fills an editorial gap in the security & defense continuum.
    As a premium quarterly journal, it seeks to influence through a strong editorial line. It's a must have with contractors, influencers, manufacturers, companies, lobbying firms and major players in the security and defense sector as a quality media through which to communicate, discuss, criticize, persuade, argue, and maybe even shake up, with finesse and intelligence.
    A bilingual and bi-media magazine including an interactive digital version, as well as a daily 2.0 version.
    It combines the editorial and operational expertise of men and women  specialists in aspects of security and defense as well as specialised & well known journalists.
    In 2016, S&D Magazine produces talk videos called: Key meetings of security chain.